ZipJob Review

ZipJob is one of the top-rated resume writing services. You have probably already heard about this platform, which has snowballed since 2016. This year, ZipJob was created, and its founders were Michael Krikheli and Jeff Macks. As the founders themselves say, this is the first platform that helped candidates tailor their resumes to the requirements of the ATS system. The site offers a variety of service packages, including resume writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile writing. Today we would like to dig deeper and learn more about this resume service.

    ZipJob Services

    The prices for the service from ZipJob are called the most affordable. And indeed it is. One has only to look at the most inexpensive package of services – Launch. Its cost is only 139 dollars. The package includes constant contact with the resume author, document optimization for all ATS requirements, and a professionally written order. Everything would be fine, but unlike other packages, Launch does not have a 60-day guarantee for an interview.

    You will have to buy a more expensive package to get a guarantee. It’s called Fast Track and costs $189. In addition to writing a resume, the writer will also make a cover letter for you.

    The fastest and most expensive service package is Premium. Its main advantages are that, in addition to the resume + letter set, you will get the opportunity to improve your LinkedIn profile. Likewise, ZipJob claims that with the Premium package, you will get your documents in your hands very soon – they use expedited shipping for this.

    ZipJob Account Login & Order

    The ZipJob website has a relatively simple registration process. The first thing you should do is choose the desired service package. After that, registration takes place through your credit card.

    About a day later, you will receive a notification that the payment was successful. You are now an official client.

    Once you have received the payment confirmation, you must upload an existing resume. If this is not observed for you, there is no need to despair either – you must fill out the form.

    We found one flaw in the entire ordering process and a distant writing decision. If you want to contact the writer through a call, you will have to pay extra.

    How quickly will I receive my resume from ZipJob?

    You will receive the first draft of your work within 4-7 working days after the start. Often the author sends the finished work on the seventh day after the start. If you want to receive your resume faster, you must choose the Premium package. In this case, the order is managed in 3 working days.

    ZipJob Social Reviews

    Consider responses from consumers on two of the most popular platforms: Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

    Trustpilot shows average satisfaction with the service. There are both satisfied customers who put five stars for excellent work and those who were disappointed.

    For example:

    “I am a follow up executive client from last year (2021). I’ve have a couple different roles that needed to be added to my resume, and also needed to get it verified through an ATS system for online submittals. Jacob, my account manager… and Traci, my lead writer, did a fantastic job of replying quickly and keeping me posted on the progress. Thank you for your help, team!”

    And immediately followed by an opposite comment:

    «I signed up for the services back in June of 2021, understanding there was a GUARANTEE of receiving 200% more interviews after the rewrite. I signed up for their “premium” package, which also states I would get an update to my LinkedIn page and a cover letter. After the initial rewrite, I received 0 interviews within their 60-day period and also NEVER received a LinkedIn page update. After expressing these issues verbally and through email, I only received an updated Resume, no cover letter, or LinkedIn update. I recently reached out again as I have yet to receive any interviews and no updated LinkedIn page. After expressing my concerns, they outright REFUSE to rewrite my resume, and stated that they only do a one-time rewrite and then decided that I wasn’t dedicating enough time towards job applications. »

    Sitejabber generally has positive reviews and a good rating.

    ZipJob Reddit Review

    Reddit always has the most honest and sincere reviews on any platform. Some users were satisfied with the service, but most comments remained negative. Thus, you can find out that ZipJob has some problems with refunds. For example, there is a very critical comment from one of the users:

    “This company runs some shady practices. They owe me money but have basically said that it’s going to be a long wait on the refund unless I give them a good review here. I personally will not do that as I find this to be just really bad customer service. I work in customer service and would never work for a company that used such practices. So I already wrote back and I don’t expect my refund till the very last day possible.”

    ZipJob Contact and Support

    The company remains polite almost always. However, it is not always ready to fulfill the word given to the client. The disclaimer confirms this.

    Is ZipJob a Scam?

    After paying for your order, you can be sure that you will receive your resume. However, if you remain dissatisfied, there is nothing you can do about it. The company does not provide a resume rewriting service in case of its failure.

    Besides, various customer testimonials have shown that ZipJob can blackmail its customers. Refunds are a severe issue, but some employees make clients condition: “We will refund the money when you write a positive review about us.”

    By the way, the BBB site shows the worst ZipJob rating. The platform also points out that this resume writing service receives many complaints every year.


    • The audience of ZipJob, which skillfully makes the company prestige
    • The focus on the ATS system is a kind of confirmation that the company puts strong keywords in the resume.
    • The company provides a free review of your resume. And this is not done by a machine, but by a person himself. You are spoken to politely but honestly.
    • It’s easy to register.
    • There is a possibility to pay for your order in installments.


    • Many resume writing platforms specialize in making your resume as ATS-friendly as possible. However, they do not place much emphasis on this.
    • Typical clichés in resumes.
    • You cannot order a separate service. You need to choose the whole package at once.
    • You have no guarantee of an interview if you take the Launch package.
    • The platform does not provide any discounts.
    • Disclaimer: the site officially does not take any responsibility and does not give any guarantees under the conditions.

    Our Verdict

    ZipJob is an average quality service. However, it may be worth it for the money. The platform can make your resume quickly and inexpensively. And we must understand that for this price you can not expect transcendental quality.

    What we really liked about their services is their ability to qualitatively evaluate the resume. And it’s free! You sincerely and without tricks see what is wrong with your resume. Such honesty always deserves special praise.

    Another of the benefits you can highlight is their continuing commitment to do resume ATS-friendly. A clear focus on this function causes writers to fill the document with strong keywords from the description of the vacancy.

     The most disappointing, however, is the company’s rejection of any responsibility. It’s like they cross out all their advantages. Unwillingness to take responsibility for their services suggests that ZipJob is not sure of the quality of its services. It is difficult to trust a platform that is not sure what kind of services are provided at all.

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