TopResume Review

TopResume is the resume writing service platform you have probably heard of. The company managed to light up in the American press, including the New York Times and Business Insider.

When you try to find out more about the company, the information seems to be missing. You are unlikely to find the founding date, the names of the employees, or even the size of the team. The “About Us” section sparkles with statistics on how the resume service helps you in your job search. However, the history of the company’s development remains completely confidential.

TopResume Services

Even though TopResume has many services, you will first see the packages on their page. These three main packages differ in their price and types of services.

  • “Professional Growth” offers you a professionally written resume
  • “Career Evolution” includes resume writing and cover letter
  • “Executive Priority” is the most expensive. It has everything that is in “Career Evolution.” Plus, there is also the fact that they will make a profile for you on LinkedIn.

The last package is the most prestigious and professional. According to TopResume, only executive writers do it, about 10% of their writer base.

Besides these services, TopResume can help you with:

  • Federal Summary Writing
  • Military Transition Summary
  • Academic CV

Plus, they have a coaching service to help you get through the interview.

TopResume Discount Codes and Coupons

TopResume does not have any coupons and discounts, including for regular customers. However, they do have a free resume evaluation service.

Likewise, the platform cooperates with affirmations, which allows customers to buy services in installments.

TopResume Account Login and Order 

Registration occurs when you purchase the package you need. You must enter your details and receive proof of payment before beginning the resume creation process.

Next, you will need to fill out a questionnaire. Even if you have a resume, finding a suitable writer is necessary. Having an old overview is also a plus. Many clients likely went through the free resume evaluation first, so they don’t have to send anything else.

Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire and been assigned a writer, the workflow begins.

After the deadline, you get a finished draft.

How quickly will my resume be ready?

TopResume Company means the standard term for all: 5-7 business days. However, this is not entirely true. The platform is in no hurry to meet the deadline to get your work a few days later.

TopResume Cost, Payment & Moneyback

TopResume services have an average cost among similar companies in the market. How much does TopResume cost? The cheapest package costs $149. And the most expensive one is $349. Moreover, you are assigned a more authoritative status when choosing the most expensive one.

Payment is secure through your credit card. The platform accepts such cards as:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

TopResume company warns that there is no way to return the money. Once you have paid for the service, you will receive your resume. In case of dissatisfaction with the result, you can request your resume corrected. The number of edits, however, is limited.

60-day Warranty

TopResume does not go back on its words about receiving a resume. It is worth clarifying that not all service packages have such a guarantee. For example, “Professional Growth,” the cheapest one, does not have this feature.

If the promise to receive an interview within two months from the date of receipt of the final result was incorrect, the company promises to help. They will suggest that you completely rewrite your resume once. The service is free. But you must notify the company within 180 days of receiving the latest version of the document.

TopResume Contact and Support

You can contact the TopResume team only during their business hours. Namely from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. You can email them or use the phone.

The site also has a live chat, which stops working after the end of the working day.

You will not be able to contact or receive your reply over the weekend. You will also not be able to do this after 7 pm.

TopResume Social Reviews

We also decided to check the level of trust and satisfaction with TopResume services.

Trustpilot shows an excellent average service rating of 4.2 stars. Among the reviews, it is challenging to find dissatisfaction. People note how their resume has improved after working with the service.

While Sitejabber also scores a good average, the 50/50 site is filled with positive and negative reviews of TopResume.

At first, you will meet a pleased, reassuring comment like:

“My writer, Keith, was able to extrapolate the details from my questionnaire and former resume so well I felt as if he had worked with me on the job. He did an amazing job translating my skills and accomplishments into words that connect with today’s market. I also worked with an interview coach, Stephanie, and she was great getting me ready to get back into the workforce and understanding where the market has been in the last year. I highly recommend TopResume especially if you want to get current with the market.”

But immediately after that, you encounter something that undermines the growing interest in TopResume services:

“I ordered the most expensive resume package that is “guaranteed” to produce results and done by the “top 10% of our network”. I went through 3 different resume writers, each process taking a week or two, and every single result was significantly worse than the original resume I provided them, to begin with. After 3 failed results I asked for my money back and they refused. This service is basically a scam. They take your money, produce terrible crap, then refuse to give your money back when you aren’t happy.”

TopResume Reddit Review

Reddit is filled with not very positive responses, however. Some people complain that when they buy the most expensive package, they get only a slight improvement in their resume. 

Others talk about how inconsistent the words of the TopResume employees are compared to reality:

“Frustrating and a waste of money. If it is not their idea, it is a bad idea. I had 2 writers I sent writer 2 what I had with all of my changes. Mainly what writer 2 was picking at was what I left in my resume of what writer 1 did. They keep telling me that my resume would score poorly in the ATS I received a 98% work match on ATS software I personally ran. Don’t bother with Topresume get a real professional.”

People are often concerned about the lack of a refund. According to Reddit users, writers do not always do their job well:

“I’ve been going in circles attempting to get a refund of the $149 fee they charged. The rewrite of my resume was comically pathetic and most likely machine-generated using amateurish keywords and adjectives. It was like a word salad. It totally mixed details and wasn’t accurate. They want me to go through their “typical revision” cycle which is ridiculous. Why would I now help them rewrite the garbage they generated.”


  • 60 Day Resume Guarantee
  • If unsuccessful, your resume will be rewritten once
  • Free verification of your resume


  • The company is failing to meet deadlines
  • Sometimes minor changes to resume
  • No money back feature
  • Complete anonymity of the writer
  • Phone call with the writer for an additional fee
  • Lack of information about the company itself

Our Verdict

TopResume is not the best service. We assess the quality as average.

We would like to mention the company’s confidence in the quality of their services. It is not enough simply to put a “60 days guarantee.” It is important to stick to this promise.

Comments on Reddit significantly undermine the reputation of the platform though.

What is sadder, is that it is a completely anonymous service. Lack of development history, as well as some writers qualification evidence strongly affect the general opinion about the company.

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