Resumespice Review

Resumespice is, in many ways, a flawless company, revered among platforms like Trustpilot. At the same time, it is one of the most expensive resume services. Is it worth your money? Now let’s take a closer look at this company.

    Resumespice Services

    The primary service of Resumespice is writing resumes of various types. The cheapest Entry Level Resume package will set you back $449. You can expect a phone conversation with the writer and the first draft within two business days. It is considered one of the fastest turnaround times.

    People choose “Professional Resume” if they have more than two years of experience. But the “Executive Resume” is intended for all leadership positions. Their salary exceeds 125 thousand dollars a year.

    The services included in the price of the packages do not differ at all. And such a typical cost of packages is since the higher the position, the greater the price for a resume. In addition, each box of services guarantees an invitation to an interview within 60 days.

    If you want to get a cover letter or improve your LinkedIn profile, you will have to pay extra for these services. Each one costs $189.

    In addition to the usual services, the Resumespice platform can offer other services such as:

    • Career Coach
    • Career Assessment

    The service promises to help you in career planning, interviews, and solving many work issues.

    Resumespice Account Login & Order

    You register by filling in your data during the payment procedure. After that, you should wait for the “ResumeSpice Next Steps” email. In its content, the platform will confirm your payment and send a link to a questionnaire, thanks to which the writer will clearly know who you are and what you want from this job. After that, you choose the time of the meeting with your writer. And very soon, you will receive the first draft of your work.

    Resumespice Cost, Payment & Money Back

    Although the platform quickly confirms your payment, there are no financial guarantees for a refund.

    However, the company mentions a 60-day interview guarantee. But even here, it is not so simple. There are several rules you must follow for your resume to be reviewed. For example:

    • You must send your CV at least 15 times to different companies.
    • You must include at least two job descriptions in your application.
    • You must write about your desire to review the resume within 90 days after receiving it.

    And even after following all the rules, you can only get a rework of the resume. It is not intended to overwrite other services for which you have paid.

    Resumespice Contact & Support

    While there is an online chat on the site, support is only available via email. When you fill out a short form, you send your letter to the company. However, the problem is that the platform is slow to respond to you.

    A Reddit user is also complaining that support is not responding at all. Besides, the deadlines are not indicated anywhere so that the writer can do the task for a very long time, and support will not answer you:

    “We had a big problem with the deadline. It wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the website, so we expected a reasonable delivery within five days or so. But the writer took seven days to write a single resume. We tried contacting the writer or the support to determine when we could expect the document, but we got no response. We also contacted the support 60 days after getting the resume, so we could complain about not getting an interview. They guarantee to revise the resume in that case. But again, we were left without a response.”

    How Quickly Will My Resume Be Completed?

    The company specifies that the first draft will be delivered in two days. In reality, however, timelines are often not set or negotiated. The client may not immediately understand this because it is the writer’s task – to ask about the desired timing.

    Thus, you do not know when your document will be delivered to you. It could be a week, maybe even more.

    Resumespice Social Reviews

    Resume Help Service platform highly appreciates the quality of service of this platform. Trustpilot also contains only positive reviews on Resumespice. Most often, you will find grateful comments like:

    “I felt I was really heard during my interview session as well as through my feedback on the initial draft. Emily really took my experiences, goals and challenges to translate them into meaty, eye-grabbing statements on my resume. Really appreciate the feedback and guidance – you are getting a consulting partner/sounding board, not just a technical writer.”

    Resumespice Reddit Review

    Reddit, however, has almost no positive comments about the services of Resumespice. According to users, this is too expensive a site for low quality resumes:

    “I purchased the expert resume and received back a key work misconstructed piece of crap I really could not use. Almost all they offered was a 2nd revision that was a whole lot worse cut and paste nightmare. The resume writer even called me from Pakistan requesting extra time because the service only gave him 11 hours. Please avoid this site.”


    • Order speed
    • Professional Writers
    • 60 days warranty
    • Extensive variety of services
    • Communication with the writer on the phone, because few services do this


    • No response from support
    • Costly services that provide the same result. Plus, it’s expensive to pay at least $449 for a resume alone. Many platforms for that kind of money will do you all the services at once, in the shortest possible time.
    • Just two rereadings of the summary. Other companies do it both cheaper and more.
    • No CV service for professionals
    • The site looks very busy and challenging to navigate

    Our verdict

    Judging by the Trustpilot reviews, you can expect high-quality service when working with Resumespice. However, this will be the most expensive resume purchase. It may seem like a great way to invest in yourself for some. However, if a company doesn’t live up to its high standards, you can’t expect your money to be worth it. Often some people have invested a lot and lost a lot.

    It’sIt’s also worth considering that services like Cover Email or LinkedIn Profile won’t be redone if you don’t like it. You will lose money.

    Even though the choice of services from the company is very diverse, they lack a variety of resume services. There is practically no difference in packages between them (other than the client’s experience, but many companies do not change the price). Resumespice only offers two resume checks, but at $400, it’s too much for just two.

    Also, what about academics who need a CV rewriting service? The company does not offer any verification or improvement of this document type.

    Because of this, we would like to conclude that Resumespice is an expensive but average quality company.


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