Enhancv Review

Enhancv is the most unusual resume creation platform you’ve ever heard of. The site is so saturated and filled with information that it is impossible to figure out what’s what. The platform’s feature is that they not only write a resume but also help users compose it themselves in any format. The company started as a Bulgarian startup in 2014. And already in 2015, Enhancv began as a full-fledged resume writing service.

Enhancv Services

Enhancv’s most popular and most basic service is to provide a builder resume. You can create your resume based on existing templates. The site offers a choice of more than ten templates from which you can choose what you need.

However, nothing is free. You can choose from one of the plans to help you build your resume:

  • Pro Semi-Annual – billed at $11 per month
  • Pro Quarterly – $16 per month
  • Pro Monthly – $21 per month

However, the tariffs for resume services are also significant. Each package includes a cover letter and creating a LinkedIn profile.

The Essential package costs $290. You receive your first draft within three days after the discussion. The platform is ready to make as many fixes and revisions as possible.

The “Executive” package includes all previous services. The cost of this package is $540. You are provided with support every business day; your document will be delivered quickly. Your resume will be ready within a day after talking with the writer. What’s more, Enhancv helps you look for a job and will consider about 30 job opportunities.

The Executive+ package is the most expensive. Its cost is almost 750 dollars. You will get everything you would get in Executive. You are given top priority and support throughout your job search.

Enhancv Account Login & Order

At first, you don’t have to pay anything. You can register for free and create resumes on this platform. Registration takes place via email. Sometimes, however, the registration process itself can confuse you. A bot communicates with you, which will ask for your name and position just before registration.

You can pay for the order only after registering an account, indicating your payment details.

Enhancv Promos

Enhancv invites you to refer a friend and receive a $3 credit. Moreover, you can test paid templates for seven days of the free trial.

Does Enhancv Have Customer Support?

Unfortunately, the Enhancv platform does not offer top-notch customer support. You will have to try hard to find the mail to contact the company because the platform does not have a “Contact Us” section.

However, you can try contacting Enhancv via Twitter or Facebook. The waiting time will take approximately 24 hours.

Enhancv Social Reviews

The Enhancv platform has received very positive reviews precisely because of its resume creation service. Users like to make a resume themselves rather than ordering expensive services. However, some are satisfied with the Trustpilot, and those who were disappointed in the service. For example, a delighted customer leaves a comment like:

« I loved using enhancv when job searching. They made it so easy to tailor my resume and cover letters to each role I applied for! After landing my dream position, I forgot to cancel my subscription-enhance responded immediately to my request to cancel/get a refund of the auto-renew fee. Already referred one of my closest friends to use their services, so definitely recommend it for anyone else, as well!”

But some absolutely did not like it. According to this client, the company does not even follow the basic rules for writing a resume:

“Stay away from this company. Customer support is rude.

You don’t have the option to customize the font size. Font size is too small in actual printout.

Resume spell check will not find the issue. You will get some random suggestions to improve your resume.”

Enhancv Reddit Review

Surprisingly, Reddit left Enhancv with little to no attention. All you can find is advice for those who have already tried this resume creation service.


  • Variety of templates and offers
  • All-Inclusive in Resume Packages
  • Free Trial


  • Too loaded with information
  • Can’t upload your resume
  • Lack of contacts

Our Verdict

We have very little to say about Enhancv as a resume writing platform. The thing is that the company is famous because you create your document in an attractive format for you.

Judging that users rarely buy resume packs, we want to conclude that this is an average resume writing service. Customers are given a choice between expensive and cheap, in which case an affordable service is more attractive.

The platform must not have gained the audience’s credibility as resume writers. However, they still have their trump card up their sleeve.

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